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Get oracle table primary key info

    SELECT cols.table_name, cols.column_name, cols.position, cons.status, cons.owner
    FROM all_constraints cons, all_cons_columns cols
    WHERE cols.table_name = 'TABLE_NAME'
    AND cons.constraint_type = 'P'
    AND cons.constraint_name = cols.constraint_name
    AND cons.owner = cols.owner
    ORDER BY cols.table_name, cols.position;

-- What a terrible statement. 

-- Reference link:

setup http proxy server for ppm

SET HTTP_proxy=<proxy_server_address:port_number> 

# the prefix http:// is mandatory.

# e.g., SET HTTP_proxy=http://proxy:8080

# following system variables are optional

SET HTTP_proxy_user=<your user name> 

SET HTTP_proxy_pass=<your password> 

Shape the sql*plus output

Command to make the output of sql*plus nicer to read.

set linesize 1500

character cast by Perl -- II

uppercase cast:

perl -p -e '$_=uc'

lowercase cast:

perl -p -e '$_=lc'

redirect stderr to stdout

The intention is to handle the error output as standard output.

e.g.  To filter the permission denied errors complained by command find

find -follow -name 'your pattern' 2>&1 | grep -v 'Permission denied'