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The eeepc supports official QQ client now

Just surprisingly found the official QQ client is listed in the ' software install / update'  program. It  really took quite a while for downloading files and configurating the environment. Maybe the most of time is used for the updating of  the glibc4. Anyway, the best thing is it works and what I did is just clicking one installation button. ;-)  Now, enjoy the official QQ client with the cute eeepc. But I still like pidgin.  :P

Have Perl modules all in one file

This is so good for me when I practise the OO concept in Perl. Do not need to switch among the module files anymore. :)

package Foo;  # start the class package

sub new {
    print "In Foo::new\n";
    my $self = bless {}, 'Foo';
    return $self;

package main;   # get back to the main package

my $bar = Foo->new; # this is the first line for interpreter to read
print "$bar\n";




Use -prune to skip directory while finding file

To ignore a whole directory tree, use -prune rather than checking every files in it.

find \(  -path '<directory-to-skip>'  -o -path '<another-directory-to-skip>'  \)  -prune -o -print

Furthermore, take the file nams in consideration.

find \(  -path '<directory-to-skip>'  -o -path '<another-directory-to-skip>'  \)  -prune -o -name '<file-name-pattern>' -print

This trick really saves me couple of  time when I do a find in a large filesystem.

use regular expression to find files

Say you want to list all the *.py, *.cc and *.h files.

You may use the command below.

find ./ -name '*.cc' -o -name '*.h' -o -name '*.py'

But there is always a better way! So, give a try to the option -regex.

find . -regex '.*\.\(cc\|h\|py\)'

What's the backslashes in expression used for?  Well, the find command uses emacs regular expression syntax!

Possible solution for VNC clipboard doesn't work

Verify the vnc-config is running in the VNC desktop. The nvc-config is required for the clipboard exchange to work.