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The one hundredth day

Today is the one hundredth day of my Cheng Xiao-xiao!

Goodbye 2010 && Hello 2011

This is the last day of 2010.

This is a busy year. Our new apartment is ready after 4 months decorating. We plan to move in in few months.

This is also an exciting year. We have a new member in our family.

The year 2010 is a year ought to be remembered.

Happy new year : )

We just get married!

Yes! This is true!!!

sping festival 2009

Pin-shan is a county managed by Yi-bin, my home town. When the dam Xian-Jiao-Ba starts to running, the whole area of Pin-shan will be flooded. The citizens will move to new city this year. The old town can not be found anymore. They belong to the past. They will be just in my memory.

13 Dec 2008, Starbucks

The coffee lesson last weekend at Starbucks. Really a good time. 8-)

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