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Change the vim default comments syntax color

The default color for the comment syntax if dark blue. It is not easy to read in a console with black background. Adding the command below to the .vimrc under your home directory can solve the problem.

hi Comment ctermfg=Blue

Of cause, it can use the other colors.  Check with command:

:h syntax




Execute shell command and get the result by python

import os

result = os.popen( 'your command' ).read()

print result


 os.popen() can invoke the inputted command and grab its output as if it is a file-like object.

Replace tab with space in VIM

To remove the annoying tab space in the code:

%s/^I/    /g

# ^I  means input Ctrl+v  then input Tab.

List files in tar.gz file

1)  zcat  your_file.tar.gz  | tar --list

2)  tar -ztvf  your_file.tar.gz

what is complexity

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it.   --  Alan Perlis