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Disable windows search

Windows search sucks and can not be uninstalled anyway.

Finally I find the way to disable it completely.

Step 1.  Open Start Menu >> Run, type service.msc

Disable service 'Indexing Service' and 'Windows Search'

Step 2. Unregister windows search dll, Open Start Menu >> Run, type cmd

Type regsvr32 /u "%programfiles%\Windows Desktop Search\wdsShell.dll" and process enter

Now, you have disabled the windows search and get the old xp search back when you type "Win + F". 

The biggest failure of windows search is not its huge resource consuming but it forces its end user to search around the google to find out how to make it not work.

Never fight with user.

Change the blog fonts with Google Font API

I changed the default fonts with the Google Font API

I just add a few lines in the <head> and change the CSS accordingly. The 'Droid Sans' font is more eye-candy, isn't it? 

Didn't notice too much delay of page loading comparing to the time without Google Font.

I do not have much more to talk about them.

Just follow the simple instructions below and choose your favorite fonts. A piece of cake. :-)

--- update ---

Just added the WebFontLoader Javascript in the <head>. The Google fonts are loaded asynchronosly. I believe you will notice the fonts change with a low speed connection.

Create Google Analytics profile for this blog

Just creat google analytics for this blog.  Try to get closer to my vistors.

Let's see.

Apply for Google adsense but be declined

As you see in the title, my application for Google adsense get declined within half of an hour. :-(

Well, let's try next. Maybe this is a motivation for me to update my blog more frequently.


Enable Google Chrome 8 GPU accelerated rendering

The Chrome 8 comes with GPU acceleration. But this feature is disabled by default.

To enable this feature, just startup Chrome with parameter :

--enable-gpu-plugin --enable-gpu-rendering --enable-accelerated-2d-canvas --enable-accelerated-compositing

Then you should find the gpu plugin enabled in tab config:plugins.

I tried this on my old laptop ( Debian Lenny + Chrome testing brunch version 8 ). Didn't get to it works well. The web page be rendered in a mess.

Then try to start Chrome without the --enable-gpu-rendering, everything seems recovered. But didn't find anything noticeable accelerated comparing with the one without hardware accelerated.

The GPU rendering is still an incomplete functionality.

The testing web page is from Microsoft,

My score is around 20 fishes with 15 FPS and the CPU is fully loaded.

What's a pity.