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Good Linux tool, netcat

Good Linux tool, Module Assistant

paul posted @ Mon, 14 Mar 2011 21:53:26 +0800 in about debian with tags debian model-assistant , 3296 readers

Module Assistant is a powerful tool to build Debian kernel modules without re-compile the whole linux kernel. Module Assitant extramly facilitate the process of building kenerl modules by automatically download the module source code from Debian package repository and compile the source code to generate kernel module binary file. 

Moduel Assistant requires to run as root. With Module Assistant, the process of building kernel module is simplyfied to 5 steps.

- Install Module Assistant, 

$ sudo apt-get install module-assistant

- Prepare the artifact for building kernel modules,

$ sudo m-a prepare

The command will automatically download and install the kernel headers corresponding to current kernel and needed building tools like gcc, make and so on.

- Update the module assitant suppored module list,

$ sudo m-a update

-  Check supported module list,

$ sudo m-a list

- Build the needed module, such as, the module for Logitech Quickcam,

$ sudo m-a a-i qc-usb-source

Option a-i stands for automatic installation.

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