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Android-x86 on EEEPC 701

paul posted @ Sat, 21 Nov 2009 18:06:30 +0800 in my blabbering with tags Android , 5096 readers

Finally got some fancy thing to update. I have the android running on my netbook!

I am amazed how easy the installation is. I followed the instructures precisely. No suprising thing happend during the procedures.

Thanks to the team  They have done a great job.

Only one thing needs to be clearified.  Since I am using the XP, the apk installation instructures is a little different than they are described on the official site. To install the apk, we need to ..

On android:

  • Settings -> Unknown sources.   Allow the android to install non-market applications
  •  Settings->Wireless controls->Wi-Fi settings.  Click  the Wi-Fi network (below the Text Label Wi-Fi networks) you connected to check the ip address of your android device.

On you host: 

  • set ADBHOST=<android-x86 ip address>
  • adb kill-server
  • adb install <your apk file name>

Enjoy the Android! Thanks to the team android-x86 again.


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