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The eeepc supports official QQ client now

Just surprisingly found the official QQ client is listed in the ' software install / update'  program. It  really took quite a while for downloading files and configurating the environment. Maybe the most of time is used for the updating of  the glibc4. Anyway, the best thing is it works and what I did is just clicking one installation button. ;-)  Now, enjoy the official QQ client with the cute eeepc. But I still like pidgin.  :P

So,why am I learning English

to see the world from another point of view.


A: 日,硬盘又满了 

B: 你那硬盘该升级了吧   

A:  才换的 。。。 138T  

B:   [羡慕 x  嫉妒 ] 。。。是中病毒了吧

A:  装的都是电影   立花里子,  1080P的。 毛都数得清有几根。都是7.8个G一部的。

B:  啊 。。。我从前一直以为3P就是极限了啊  

PS.  3P means threesome. 

Hey. God is there!

The proof that God is addicted on the internet.

See what is in God's mind via twitter!  God is thinking  ---->

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