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nice to know, installation instructure of QQ on Linux

QQ is the most popular IM client in China. It's always make me feel frustrated for it's installation on Linux.  Hope this guide would be helpful.

BTW. It's from a Chinese learner.

a different wish

How many dot I will have? Will I finally have the chance to connect them all? Will it be little different?

another try for picasa

 Another approach is using the open DNS. 

Set the default and secondary DNS with  and

Well, this time I managed to logon but the web page is still mess up. The browser does not want to display any photos. It's still useless. I think some parts of script didn't be download by my browser. 

But this really does some good for the Won't receive any access error for the anymore.

My personal signature is  'Fuck GFW!'  from now.    

I just wish this won't last so long.   What can we do?  There is nothing we can change, anyway!

Wait ... in patient.....

Cannot access to

This time it's the google picasa. Looks like it was since June 24th.  What's it for? 

The DNS returns a error IP address for the google picasa. Fuck GFW! 

It has been told add below IP addresses in  the hosts file can solve this problem.

Unfortunately, it does not work for me. I even can not access to that ip address via ping. 

BTW. I found for some people the GFW really does not effect too much to their life. They even can not sense it existing. Those people only play QQ web games.  


當想到這是在中國時 一切都是那么順理成章