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paul posted @ Wed, 22 Jun 2011 12:40:37 +0800 in my blabbering with tags windows search , 2603 readers

Windows search sucks and can not be uninstalled anyway.

Finally I find the way to disable it completely.

Step 1.  Open Start Menu >> Run, type service.msc

Disable service 'Indexing Service' and 'Windows Search'

Step 2. Unregister windows search dll, Open Start Menu >> Run, type cmd

Type regsvr32 /u "%programfiles%\Windows Desktop Search\wdsShell.dll" and process enter

Now, you have disabled the windows search and get the old xp search back when you type "Win + F". 

The biggest failure of windows search is not its huge resource consuming but it forces its end user to search around the google to find out how to make it not work.

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