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paul posted @ Mon, 08 Dec 2008 08:12:00 +0800 in coding life , 1527 readers

It's ungly but it's working!!!

So, the lesson learnt.

  • Model developing with a script language is a happy work.
  • Perl fork works on Win32, but it seems a little buggy. Awalys end up with resource tmporary unavailable error : ( May be my bad, but I am quite sure every child process and file handle has been release properly.
  • Have no idea to  Perl multi-thread.  Even the Perl declares it's a multi-thread version.
  • Perl fcntl does not work with Active Perl but is supported by cygwin porting Perl. Great work!
  • Share out-going connections may be a good idea, but how to seperate the responses for each client connection.
  • Pre-fork model seems a good idea to have a try. : )
  • HTTP connect method is to create a tunnel. Still working on this.
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