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paul posted @ Thu, 17 Jul 2008 06:37:35 +0800 in coding life , 1342 readers

Strings can be formatted to your liking using formatting characters. Some of these characters also work to format files created in PERL. Think of these characters as miniature functions.

Character Description
\L Transform all letters to lowercase
\l Transform the next letter to lowercase
\U Transform all letters to uppercase
\u Transform the next letter to uppercase
\n Begin on a new line
\r Applys a carriage return
\t Applys a tab to the string
\f Applys a formfedd to the string
\b Backspace
\a Bell
\e Escapes the next character
\0nn Creates Octal formatted numbers
\xnn Creates Hexideciamal formatted numbers
\cX Control characters, x may be any character
\Q Do not match the pattern
\E Ends \U, \L, or \Q functions


print "content-type: text/html \n\n"; #HTTP HEADER

$mystring = "welcome to!"; #String to be formatted
$newline = "welcome to \!";
$capital = "\uwelcome to!";
$ALLCAPS = "\Uwelcome to!";

print $mystring."<br />";
print $newline."<;br />";
print $capital."<br />";
print $ALLCAPS";

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