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paul posted @ Thu, 03 Mar 2011 08:45:35 +0800 in coding life with tags PyS60 PyS60 emulation library. , 2070 readers

Well, I know that symbian is somehow out of fashion nowadays. Since Nokia just announced their mobile phone will move to windows mobile weeks before. 

But since I just have a 5230 on my hand. I'd like to get a little bit fun from this new toy.

The S60 SDK is quite heavy and windows only. The PyS60 is the only choice left for me.

First thing first. The python runtime is needed on the phone itself. 

The latest sis package is available on the source forge

I just download the S603rd edition sis packages which should support the S60 5th on 5230. Install the python runtim and python shell by the pc suite.

Now python shell is ready on the phone. There is one useful feature that you can remote connect to the python console via bluetooth.

But debug on the phone is not so convenient. The project PyS60 emulation library supports run the S60 python script in a general python runtime environment.

The needed libraries can be found on

Unzip the python libraries and set the PYTHONPATH accordingly. I can run the S60 python script on my laptop.

Let's see what I can do with the PyS60. Maybe try to create a tic-toc-toe for fun.

Maybe I should buy a bluetooth adapter for my old laptop. Then I can connnect to the python console via bluetooth with the minicom. This should be interesting.

I will update you with my findings. ;-)

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