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I know what is adidas

Great! I learn a good thing today. Anyone knows what is adidas?

For your information. It's the abbreviation for ---- All Day I Dream About Sex ---- ! 

Get it, don't you?  Still like adidas?  :D

Year 2009 plan -- appendix

  • Have a tour to Daocheng.
  • Lost weight.
  • Have breakfast everyday.
  • No more sleep to noon.
  • No more overtime.

My year 2009 plan

My to-do list for year 2009:

  • Find a girl friend.
  • Get my English more fluent.
  • Move to a new dormitory.
  • Own an apartment property.
  • Buy a new laptop.
  • Create a real useful application.
  • Code a driver.
  • Setup my own website.
  • Go abroad.
  • Master a new programming language.

Let's see how many items I can achieve.

my dream laptop

Tadpole Sparcbook, may be the only advanced laptop without Intel at its core can be found in nowaday world.

I am totally sure it's my dream laptop when I first saw it. This is for work not play!

However, it's only for the rich and powerful people. What a shame.

To know more :

WTF.No seat available in 09