Paul - The Programmer

simple & stupid

give me a colorful linux console

if you want ...

  • colorful grep result;
  • colorful man page;
  • colorful diff result;

just find how-to in the link below.

more and more material

The China overseas propery offered a free movie to the company last night. It could be token as another form of advertisement, you can tell the truth. To be honest, persons accepted the invitation are not quit many.  But it worthed taking a look, at least the movie was not bad. 

Basically, the rate sounds fair as well as one percent discount they promise. The architecture is acceptable. The location is quite attractive, at most fifteen minutes to the compay building by walking. Except the traffic to downtown is not very convenient, everything just fine. Only one thing left to consider twice. I'm wondering whether I can afford and how.

After all, it can be run after.

be what I wanna be

choose what I choose.

to be what I wanna be.

once I leave, never back ...

paul is the programmer

coding is my hobby,

coding is my pleasure,

coding is the most wonderful thing I can ever find.

Paul is the programmer.  

Happy hacking.  {^_^}