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simple & stupid

It's time to be back

The milestone is reached. No more open testing is left now. Paid for the rent of apartment in this morning. Get ready to leave tomorrw.

Clearcase find

cleartool find dir -follow -version '!lbtype(LABEL) && !version(\main\specific_branch\LATEST)' -print

Is this the end?

Only 2 weeks left but a bunch of test cases are needed to run. 
Always exist some annoying fault keep the testing forward.
What's the next?

端午节 没得粽子吃

转帖个段子 纪念一哈  据说摘自 冯梦龙《三言二拍》有兴趣的自己考证




Rule number zero

Never ask stupid question!

Think on you own before throw your problems to others.

Everyone loves clever guy.