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simple & stupid

Sex and Chopsitcks really gets me bothered

Well, the forbidden legend is OK. But what is the sex and chopsticks for? So confusing.

Changes are happening

Believe or not. Change happens anyway. Brings with challenges as well as opportunities. Change on you own or change from the outside. No matter what they are. Get ready when they are coming. Every time we look backward could keep us moving forward.

Have supper before go home

Take off work 15 minutes in advance everyday.  Go to canteen and have supper. Then take shuttle bus to back home.

That's a kind of nice thing.

Get oracle table primary key info

    SELECT cols.table_name, cols.column_name, cols.position, cons.status, cons.owner
    FROM all_constraints cons, all_cons_columns cols
    WHERE cols.table_name = 'TABLE_NAME'
    AND cons.constraint_type = 'P'
    AND cons.constraint_name = cols.constraint_name
    AND cons.owner = cols.owner
    ORDER BY cols.table_name, cols.position;

-- What a terrible statement. 

-- Reference link:

setup http proxy server for ppm

SET HTTP_proxy=<proxy_server_address:port_number> 

# the prefix http:// is mandatory.

# e.g., SET HTTP_proxy=http://proxy:8080

# following system variables are optional

SET HTTP_proxy_user=<your user name> 

SET HTTP_proxy_pass=<your password>